All Designs 2015

Here you will find all designs and ideas entered in the International Design Award 2015. They are sorted by alphabetical order of the project titles.
Scores from the public voting are shown by a star and a number as layover on the overview picture and on the project site.

portable storage system

Student: mor biton
University: The College of Management
Country: Israel

Table for designers managers

Student: Serghei Tanas
University: Moldova UTM
Country: Moldova

Vomiting box

Student: Lizhi Yuan
University: Nanjing Forestry University
Country: China


Student: YU YANG
University: school of design
Country: Singapore

"free tree"

Student: Glafira Lebedeva
University: St. Petersburg Art Industrial Academy named after Stieglitz
Country: Russia

"Move it" chair

Student: Semen Lavdanskiy
University: Moscow State Art and Industry Academy named after SG Stroganov
Country: Russia


Student: Manuel De Marco
University: I.U.A.V. (Istituto Universitario Architettura Venezia)
Country: Italy


Student: Santiago Bloise
University: Università degli Studi di Camerino
Country: Italy

- Più -

Student: Claudia Console
University: Trier University of Applied Sciences
Country: Germany

1/2 Mirrored Chair

Student: Kevin Elika
University: Savannah College of Art and Design
Country: United States

24Hrs Kitchen

Student: Teamwork
University: SPD scuola politecnica di design
Country: Italy

3 tops desk

Student: Andrej Koreivo
University: Vilnius Academy of Arts
Country: Lithuania

3SE - 3 stage environment

Student: Teamwork
University: Universidad de los Andes
Country: Colombia

9cub! multifunctional cuboid

Student: Teamwork
University: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Country: Poland

A glass

Student: Tanya Dvoretskaya
University: Polotsk state University
Country: Belarus

A multifunctional Chair

Student: corie john
University: école national d'architecture
Country: Morocco

A set of furniture for a new workstation (workplace).

Student: Ekaterina Kokurina
University: VLSU
Country: Russia

A small beautiful radiator for small flats

Student: maryam taamoli
University: Applied science and technology of Hooshmand Sazeh
Country: Iran

A Table-Suitcase

Student: Evgenia Kurachova
University: Polotsk state University
Country: Belarus

A table-tray

Student: Sulamita Monich
University: Polotsk state University
Country: Belarus