UNFOLD. Compact basin for small living space

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UNFOLD is a compact bathroom/living space furniture, which could be installed wherever the space is valuable, e.g micro bathrooms or studio apartments, shared or private bathrooms at the hostels and student campuses, co-living houses. The furniture consists of two main parts - the housing and the sliding drawer-like flexible basin. It enables the customer to use the basin only if there is a necessity to wash or rinse something. The basin itself consists of a stationery part and a flexible one. The stationery part is mounted into the housing; there is a drainer at the bottom. The flexible part is made up of rigid flat elements, and the gaps between them are filled with soft flexible rubber, which allows the basin to fold in a fashion based on the origami scheme. This part folds internally as an element of only 3 cm wide, while the whole basin part is 6 cm wide. To open and unfold the basin the user needs to pull its front panel as if pulling a drawer. The furniture is equipped with two separate parts - a foldable tap and a valve. The tap could be extended by pushing, the angle is adjustable as well. The tap and the valve could be covered by a cap when the basin is not in use, while the opened cap protect the wall from water splashes. There are also two additional storage drawers at the bottom, both on the left and right sides. The furniture could be customized with different color solutions.

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