Smart bed 'bebe'

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Infant stage Sleep is very important for a baby. Infant stage sleep provides a balance between health and nutrition. In addition, careless sleep in the infant stage can cause SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndorme, and flat-head syndrome, which mothers worry about.
Our design furniture, baby bed, is an IOT furniture, inspired by the most comfortable and stable mothers we've ever had since we were little children.
IOT technology offers monitoring services in conjunction with the Smart Band the mother is wearing. Sleep mode provides the mother's feeling of security, such as body temperature and heartbeat, through the band. You can also check the baby's status via the Care mode. Finally, you can shop with the shopping features and use the learning features to help your child learn.
Easy Cushion ,exclusively for the newborn baby, is ergonomically designed for preventing from SIDS which is mostly occured at infant’s sleeping and Flat Head Syndrom. Prevent Flat Head Syndorme with ergonomically designed baby body retention. You can also prevent the symptoms by sleeping the baby sperm longitudinally to two, or by holding it in the position you prefer, to have it symmetrical to the left and right.
‘Bebe’, bed for babies and ‘Easy cushion’, cushion for the newborns are made with ligh and durable materials that can be easily used in any occasions like breastfeeding and play time. All components are removable and can be used according to your convenience.

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