ROmniTO – Any room, an omni furniture with an omni clientele, rotational movements

When creating something for people, it is essential that all people are taken into consideration, so that the affected people do not feel excluded from society. We have to leave conventional furniture behind and create it in the eyes of all. It not possible to make something for everyone though, because we all have our differences be it cultural, physical, mental and so on. ROmniTO is not only limited to one user group, but certain user groups have been highlighted more than others. In the creation process a constant dialogue between the intended user and the designer was apparent. One cannot always (preferably never) assume things. Only by close interaction with your intended customer group you are able to pick up on things that might not seem so essential and delicate to the naked eye of the designer which can be in a different situation.. Ten wheelchair users where invited to be interviewed in the ideation process, and three of them were participating in the project until it was submitted. We all have an incredible imagination, but he lack of realistic experience can easily lead us astray in the search for important issues to address when designing a product. It is not to say that ROmniTO is only intended for a narrow user group, the intention behind it is that the balance between its form and its function will make it attractive.

Living room