Moving Cabinets

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As we all know, people are unwilling to bend or get something high, so they put things in a place that is easy to get. For example, the old like to place all the stuff on the table. However, in the future, the average living space each person gets will be shrinking. To keep the future life comfort, Moving Cabinets have come into my mind. Cabinet is departed into several units, which makes house-moving much easier. By using the concept of Linear motor technology, cabinets can be no longer stick to the wall, but can finish the vertical and transverse motions. Besides, the function can help the elder and the children to adjust the improper height of cabinet by pressing the bottom or using an app on the phone. What is the principle of it? When the cabinet moves horizontally, the two well passes through the track system, so that it connects the elevator to slide from one well to the other well, so as to achieve circular operation. It is understood that the Linear motor technology is widely used in the maglev train, so the safety is absolutely guaranteed.

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