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CONCEPT : Convertible / Multi-function / High space utilization
MATERIAL : Wood / Polycarbonate / Glass

In modern society, the ‘singles’ groups are increasing and there’s an increased demand of small size houses. In this situation, they need a multi-function furniture that enhance the value of small space. So, we offer our product ‘Edge’. It is a wall-mounted desk for a small space. Using the waste in the desk, it can be used not only as a function of the desk but also as a lighting, a dressing table. So, it is efficient because it can perform many functions with one product with high space occupancy. Its functions are divided into two parts. When it hanging on the wall, you can use a mirror, a shelf (folded form of chair), hangers and a lighting. Also, its form looks like a roof, it’s good for interior. When let it down from the wall, you can use a desk, a chair, a shelf(a part of curve), and bookcase (it is located inside of the wall). So, Edge is not only a multi-function furniture, but also a stylish thing. Additionally, when you let ‘Edge’ down, a bookcase (which is covered by the wall-hanging type of ‘Edge’) show up like a secret space! So, you can keep more space. Enjoy our 'Edge'!

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Living room
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