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After a general overview on the project’s brief and a deep analysis about it’s main categories (such as office, shop, home and hotel) we’ve focused on the office one, in particular on the relax zone. To learn more about that environment, we’ve done some interviews inside a coworking office (named Talent Garden Pordenone), which have directed us towards the right project areas to work on(be developed). We’ve noticed that the main problems in that specific case were the lack of clean air, personal space and privacy. From this inputs come “Cute”, a system made of modular poufs con- nectable each other by universal velcro (dual lock). These poufs can be made by six different types and each one of them contain a particular functionality specifically designed to solve the problems encountered in the analyzed environments. Thanks to the features of Cute, the user who will use it will be able to customize his work area, creating a visual harmony in his environment. When these poufs will no longer serve, the user will be able to stack them, freeing the previous busy space. Thanks to all its features, Cute will finally allow you to regain your well-being du- ring your long days at the office.

Interior Design
Advance function
Enjoy comfort
Feel style
Win storage