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Can a chair be more than just a chair? This question fostered the creation of an object that permits individual applications put forth by the user while supporting their operations. ChairPF. A piece of furniture that allows a plethora applications. Repositioning the smart furniture permits individual usage according to the requirements of the respective person. Whether as an individual workstation or in a communicative arrangement. Hence, the chairPF creates variety through its simplicity.

The concept is based on the various requirements of the University Pforzheim and the associated fields of application.

The design of the chairPF is strongly reduced and is based on its five functions. The aim of the entire design was to take over the concept of a simple change of position into the form of the chairPF. The piece of furniture has only flat surfaces which enable the various functions by repositioning. Details such as radii or the handle have been chosen very carefully and round off the chairPF in its design.

The functional model of the chairPF consists of 16 ash veneer layers and was
laminated in a traditional process. Furthermore, the multifunctional furniture features a seat with integrated magnets for placing it onto the different seating surfaces as well as removing it entirely. A handle in the backrest surface allows for easier positioning of the chairPF.

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Living room
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