Cabi(The System Of Toys Storage)

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We envisioned the entire children's bedroom space as a huge doll machine. The cabinet is a container for toys. The deformable bedroom light is the "paw" of a doll machine after deformation, so that children can enjoy playing doll while storing toys. . The entire system points cabinets, connectors and "paw manipulator", the whole process involved in three parts.Step1: When the child bought a new toy, the toy cabinets control the paw,and place the toy in the cabinets, and then the cabinet will intelligent identify the new toys, remember who it is or the what type it is; Step2: When the child playing toys,they can start a smart dialogue with the system cabinet, such as: "Hi, Cabi, I want to Transformers!" Then the door under the cabinet will open, so that the toys fall out; Step3: When the toys needed to be put back, you can control the doll machine clamshell grip the toy through the mobile app or gamepad and they will instantly identify the toy in which cabinet it belongs to.The cabinet will light up the corresponding signal light, which prompts the child to control it to the appropriate cabinet, putting the toy from above the cabinet.Then, "paws" will Change back to the original - bedroom lamp state back to the original place.
Each cabinet connector is a unit of individual, according to the needs of users to DIY. Using the modular toy lockers, with large and small volume points, color diversity, and through the fun connection, you can design in yourself freely!

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