24Hrs Kitchen

The 24Hrs KITCHEN is a product of the future. The multifunctional table surface with hidden cooktop, useful accessories and appliances is an answer for the current situation and upcoming changes. The lacking of space, the increasing amount of single householders, the open-spaces, where all the rooms start to blend in one multifunctional lodging, the food purchases more and more are made out of home, are the aspects, that inspired us to create this innovative and unusual project.
After the research of the everyday actions in the usual kitchen, we realized that the table is the element which is used the most, considering both the time and the space needed for the different actions. This is why it should become the main element instead, as it was in a past, an additional part. The concept of 24Hrs is the translation of the typical, fixed kitchen set up with a small worktop to a flexible, living room piece of furniture with unexpected kitchen functions.

Table is equipped with extra items like electronic plugs under the surface, wind cable system which allows to completely hide the kitchen identity, a smooth handle built-in the front surface and, in the front legs, a couple of wheels with brakes to avoid incidental sliding.
Inside, the kitchen drawer is equipped with an electric cooktop, a chopping board with removable silicone trash bin on a side, a cutlery box, electrical plugs, a tablet slot and some extra containers for spices and other accessories.

Living room