Stories about Winners, Jury, Designers

Report from Ivens Fontoura

"Writing about others looks like an easy task, bearing in mind that in the relationship between the private image and the public image, it’s generally the public one that predominates. But what we ... more

Report from Dmitriy Sergeev

" My post-IDA-victory history . What was after the IDA? To be honest, my life changed and changed to better! I spent all my winners’ money on Scandinavian bike tour (here is my journey: http://www. ... more

Report from Max Lamb

"I am fascinated by the ways I can make an object emerge from a raw material in a very direct and simple way. Processes like carving, cutting and breaking or taking industrial manufacturing process ... more

Report from Bohyun Hwang

"When I entered the competition, I did not expect to win at all because almost 1,200 student designers had participated worldwide. So when I heard of the news last year, I was very surprised and ... more

Report from Pavol Torma

"Hello, I am Pavol Torma from Košice, Slovakia, IDA 2007 winner. During my time at university I decided to move away for half a year on Erasmus; this turned out to be a great decision for me as the ... more

Report from Matyas Fuchs

"I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, and I am a freelance designer. I started with art and design at a young age with basic pencil and paper drawings, sketching, painting and playing with ceramics ... more