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International Design Award 2015

“Take furniture to the next level” was the task of the 10th edition of the International Design Award.

Let your imagination run free, leave existing paths of thinking and create a future-oriented, innovative and unique furniture solution. With its design as well as its technical intelligence, your entry should ease the future conflict of living and working spaces.

Leaflet International Design Award 2015
Poster International Design Award 2015
Presentation International Design Award 2015
Conditions of Participation International Design Award 2015

International Design Award 2013

“Beyond the edge!” In the 9th edition of the International Design Award, Hettich and REHAU invited design and architecture students across the globe to take a different look at home and work environments and enrich them with intelligent furniture that tomorrow’s user wouldn’t want to be without. Taking into account the product portfolios of Hettich and REHAU, the competition was looking for furniture designs that involve established processes and technologies.

International Design Award 2013 - Jury session at the MARTa museum Herford, Germany

International Design Award 2013 - Statement "CookPit" - Andreas Enslin

International Design Award 2013 - Statement "Hair" - Ivens Fontoura

International Design Award 2013 - Statement "Kitchen Hangback System" - Liming Shen

International Design Award 2013 - Statement "Let it dry" - Natalya Maltseva

International Design Award 2013 - Statement "Türmli" - Michel Dallaire

International Design Award 2011

The International Design Award 2011 was looking for interior designs as well as furniture concepts and systems that best meet the requirements of the next decade. The competition assignment related to the three areas of living room and bedroom, kitchen and food preparation as well as offices. The adjudicators searched for innovative, multifunctional and creative designs that stand apart from classic applications. In terms of both design and technical intelligence,  the solutions entered are to resolve the ‚tug of war‘ in tomorrow‘s home and work environment.

International Design Award 2011 - Press conference at the MARTa Museum

Documentation 2011

International Design Award 2009

"Your chance to shape tomorrow". This was the challenge offered to design and architecture students around the world by Hettich and REHAU, the organizers of the International Design Award. More than the previous six competition cycles, the IDA 2009 looked to the future. It set students the task of designing solutions for living or working in the year 2020, specifically for one of two story lines – The Silver Business Generation and The Techie. The 25 best entries, selected by the international jury panel, are documented here.

International Design Award 2009 - Documentation

Documentation 2009

International Design Award 2007

How will people live and work tomorrow? What sort of furniture will they want? We’re looking for solutions for the future – creative and innovative but also realistic and practical. Technology and functionality alone are not enough. The question is not merely whether something is fit for purpose, but how it fulfills its function. A good product will offer the end user a positive experience. It will team up technical know-how with imagination to deliver the best of modern technology and attractive design.

International Design Award 2007 - Documentation

Documentation 2007

International Design Award 2005

Once again, design students around the world responded whole-heartedly to the challenge posed by the two competition topics “Storage furniture, or furniture systems in a residential environment“ and “Furniture knobs and handles“. Once again all concerned were impressed by the intense commitment and enthusiasm of the participating students, their creative drive, and the outstanding quality of the entries.

Documentation 2005

International Design Award 2003

Committed young people all over the world represent an enormous potential for the future of design. The International Design Award 2003 aimed to reach these young people and to challenge and support them in formulating their ideas in a realistic situation. The task 2003 was: "Forward-looking ideas for cupboards, shelves, container systems and handles in designs for living that reflect both the new freedoms and the new constraints where people today must often reconcile self realization and the urge for new experiences with shortage of space, or romantic dreams with electronic technology."

Documentation 2003

International Design Award 2001

The 2001 International Design Competition's topic "Multifunctional furniture, with a focus on fittings technology" generated a lively response, like the two previous design competitions sponsored by Hettich.

Documentation 2001

International Design Award 1999

"Demountable cabinets under special consideration of the realizatio with furniture fittings" was the topic of the second International Design Award in 1999.


Documentation 1999

International Design Award 1997

The International Design Award was initiated by Hettich in 1997. The task of the first competition focused on future-oriented, creative pieces of furniture or furniture systems for kitchen, bath, living or office space. 

Documentation 1997