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A successful International Design Award 2015!



Impressions of the Jury Session

G-WASH - Jury Award winner Marwa Istanbuli and statement by Gordon Bruce

HANG OUT - Jury Award winner Anita Kokoszczyk and statement by Max Lamb

SLICE SLIDE-DOWN CABINET - Jury Award winner Sathivada Vishal and statement by Luisa Robinson

The task has been

Take your chance and participate in the 10th edition of the International Design Award. Let your imagination run free, leave existing paths of thinking and create a future-oriented, innovative and unique furniture solution. More...

Who could enter?

Participation is open to students enrolled at an university/ school with a creative focus. This includes in particular product design, architecture, interior design and wood technology. More...

International Jury

The winners of the International Design Award will be selected by an independent jury composed of well-established personalities with a background in the field of furniture design. More...

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Top 50 Jury Selection

Noose Light

Student: Nissa Kinzhalina
University: Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture Civil Engineering (KAZGASA)
Country: Kazakhstan

24Hrs Kitchen

Student: Teamwork
University: SPD scuola politecnica di design
Country: Italy


Student: Mohamed Galaa
University: School of industrial design
Country: Egypt


Student: Tobias Moe
University: RMIT
Country: Australia